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Efficiency comes from experience: the project management from SPIE Erwin Peters

Project management and construction management are key roles for successful projects. More than 75 percent of our business is characterised by projects. Our processes and procedures for smooth and cost-efficient processing are standardised. 

However, even the most perfect processes and procedures will not replace one thing: Experience! Nearly all of our project and construction managers have worked for us for more than a decade. Our employees are very familiar with the industry-specifics and with the special requirements of projects and their processing and the work flow on construction sites.

Key elements of our project management

Project development meeting

We deal with your needs early on, take care of the basic engineering and conduct feasibility studies. Based on these, we develop proposals for the subsequent project in conjunction with you.

Initial project meeting

Project goals, project organisation, timetable, and resources are discussed, coordinated, and agreed with the entire project team. Each team member knows the customer and project goals and is responsible for the implementation of his or her scope of work.


The project advancement is measured in a standardised manner once every month and any possible deviations in terms of the customer's budget and schedule are recorded. From our experience, we believe it is important to inform clearly about any possible deviations in a timely manner and to make swift decisions together with the customer in a partnership manner.

Project completion meeting

The finished project will be evaluated first internally with the entire project team and the next step is the evaluation together with our customer. Our experience shows that even in projects that went perfectly for both sides — the customer and the service provider — there are approaches for the constant optimisation of processes and procedures.

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