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Straight from the experts: repair of electric engines and generators

We repair small machine tools and electric engines as well as generators up to a rated voltage of 10 kV and a maximum weight of 10 tons at our shop for electric machines at the Hamburg-Harburg location. We ensure swift supply of spare parts, replacement engines, and replacement generators. 

In the event of malfunction, we try to carry out any mechanical and electrical repairs, generator repairs and electric engine repairs on-site, if possible.

Work around the electrical machine

We carry out the following work for you:

  • Basic revisions
  • Cleaning
  • Any type of mechanical repairs
  • New bearings
  • Balancing
  • New coils
  • Immersion bath impregnation
  • Drying in our heat chamber
  • Collector repairs

If needed, we will install new coils, retrofit or construct new and carry out improvements on generators, AC and DC engines.

Our own testing field

Without undergoing a trial run at our testing field, no drive is leaving our shop. In addition, our testing field is suitable for ship classification acceptances and tests of single bearing machines of up to 10 tons. Moreover, we are testing the voltage regulator without it being installed in the generator. Our affiliated electronic shop repairs these voltage regulators even if they are older models.

We trade with generators and electric engines according to VDE0530. Contact us!

Contact person

  • Dirk Albers
    Head of Electrical Machines Engineering
    SPIE Erwin Peters GmbH

    Großmoorbogen 21
    21079  Hamburg

    Phone:+49 40-766006-0
    Fax:+49 40-766006-235