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Always "Cleared Up": installation and maintenance of electrical equipment for the shipping industry

Inspections and maintenance

We inspect and maintain electric equipment on ships and on platforms and record the As-is condition. We conduct mega tests on ships and the necessary VDE inspections according to BGV A3. In the event of any deviations, we are happy to advise you on the necessary maintenance measures.

Fault-clearance services

We clear faults on bow thruster motors, shaft generators, or ancillary generators. Our service for ships is available worldwide for problems in the switch panel or control, for the start-up of larger machines, or for synchronising. We repair or, if necessary, swiftly replace your electric machine in our electric machine shop.

Services and installations in shipping

We carry out installations for the electrical equipment on ships, new vessels, and piers. For this purpose, we deliver electrical equipment, operating resources, and materials such as switches, regulators, relays, gates, circuit breakers, fuses, HNA materials, lighting technology, and cables.


We are a certified company for inspections and repairs of electrical equipment on tankers in accordance with 

  • § 2 (4) GGVBinSch. (German Hazardous Goods Ordinance for Inland Navigation) in connection with
  • Margin numbers 10 251 and 210 251 ADNR (European Treaty on the [international] Transport of Dangerous Goods on Inland Waterways, which contains an international catalog of dangerous goods effective for inland waterway shipping).

Contact person

  • Dirk Albers
    Head of Electrical Machines Engineering
    SPIE Erwin Peters GmbH

    Großmoorbogen 21
    21079  Hamburg

    Phone:+49 40-766006-0
    Fax:+49 40-766006-235




SPIE Erwin Peters is member of the German Shipsuppliers Association