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Everything churns and turns

Everything churns and turns

Turbine power for paper rolls

A huge steam turbine generates the power needed for paper production at a production facility in Portugal. Thanks to SAG Erwin Peters it works fully automated and uninterrupted.

Key Facts

  • Customer: MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • Plant: 10.5 MW steam turbine, Viana (Portugal)
  • Commissioning: 2010

For the power plant of a paper factory in Viana, Portugal, MAN Diesel & Turbo delivered a steam turbine with an electrical output of 10.5 MW. SAG Erwin Peters accepted the part of the order, which dealt with the installation of EMSR technology for the turbine and the commissioning of the entire system.

The supply and installation of the process control system PCS 7 by Siemens by which the steam turbine is controlled and monitored, was part of the scope of services. In addition, SAG Erwin Peters was responsible for planning, programming, and producing the generator protection cabinets, the sychronizer and automation cabinets including the bypass control of the steam turbine. The documentation was created for the steam turbine control.


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