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  • Ready to balanceReady to balance

    Ready to balance

    Stadtwerke Schwerin are able to use unused energy in a sensible way on the premises of the Schwerin-South thermal power station. Thanks to strong support from SAG Erwin Peters.

  • Technology from one sourceTechnology from one source

    Technology from one source

    On Gut Lanken, SAG Erwin Peters connected the biogas system to the E.ON natural gas grid.

  • Power-saving: One for allPower-saving: One for all

    Power-saving: One for all

    Waste processing on the one hand, energy generation on the other: A highly-efficient energy recycling plant guarantees the power supply of the industrial site at Premnitz.

  • Putting up some steamPutting up some steam

    Putting up some steam

    SPIE Erwin Peters is the general contractor for the electrical engineering technology of the new construction project of a 110 MW gas and steam turbine plant in Saarbrücken. It requires the entire range of engineering services.

  • Natural gas from salt formationsNatural gas from salt formations

    Natural gas from salt formations

    After the expansion of the storage facility in the salt dome in Kraak, E.ON Hanse can store nearly 300 million cubic meters of natural gas. It could supply heat for 150,000 private residences for one year.

  • Small scale power stationsSmall scale power stations

    Small scale power stations

    With the "ZuhauseKraftwerke" (at home power plants), you produce your own and clean electricity right at home.

  • Fit for ten million kilometresFit for ten million kilometres

    Fit for ten million kilometres

    At the Hamburg location, Lufthansa Technology overhauls aircraft engines, which have covered nearly ten million kilometres. It requires the latest in maintenance technology to make the fit again.

  • Proving turnkey competenceProving turnkey competence

    Proving turnkey competence

    SAG Hungaria and SAG Erwin Peters planned, supplied and installed the turnkey electrical and control technology for the expansion of a brown coal power station in Hungary.

  • Controlling million cubic metres of gasControlling million cubic metres of gas

    Controlling million cubic metres of gas

    Metering, control, and regulator technology by SAG Erwin Peters ensures the easy handling of approximately 130 million cubic meters of working gas volume in Epe.

  • Energy for a change of paper Energy for a change of paper

    Energy for a change of paper

    The manufacturer had a thermal power plant constructed to guarantee the energy supply for the paper production. SAG Erwin Peters delivered and installed the automation and measurement and control technology.

  • Full steam aheadFull steam ahead

    Full steam ahead

    SAG Erwin Peters provided safe operations of the gas compressor system when the gas and steam turbines of RWE were expanded at the Lingen power plant location.

  • Everything churns and turnsEverything churns and turns

    Everything churns and turns

    A huge steam turbine generates the power needed for paper production at a production facility in Portugal. Thanks to SAG Erwin Peters it works fully automated and uninterrupted.

  • Biogas from the Industriepark HöchstBiogas from the Industriepark Höchst

    Biogas from the Industriepark Höchst

    SAG supplied and installed the biogas infeed plant for biogas treatment in the Industriepark Höchst.

  • Building technology in XXLBuilding technology in XXL

    Building technology in XXL

    When the new rehabilitation centre in Hamburg was built, SAG Erwin Peters has not only provided its dependable installation services but it has proven also its competencies in project management.

  • Complete overhaulComplete overhaul

    Complete overhaul

    SAG Erwin Peters provided a complete one-stop service to boost the efficiency of the natural gas plant in Emsbüren.


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