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Compressor stations

As independent system supplier, we steer and control field compressor stations in exploration, transport compressor stations in the long-distance gas transport network and compressors for storing and removing gas from above ground or underground storage.

For this purpose, we use tried and tested technologies for the higher-ranking station control technology and the unit controls, e.g.:

  • Siemens PCS 7
  • ABB Freelance 2000
  • Rockwell RS-Logix 5000

For visualisation, we use:

  • Siemens WinCC
  • Intellution iFIX
  • ABB 800xA Operations

We are very familiar with safety-oriented controls such as the programming of an HIMA, the use of highly available controls (fail-safe) and the use of modern bus systems (such as Profibus DB or Profibus PA).

The development of fully automated route programmes (manifold) with process control systems on gas storage facilities is part of our service portfolio.

Anti-surge control system for turbo compressors

Another speciality is the application of anti-surge control for turbo compressors. Pumping can cause high level vibrations, pressure surges and fast rising temperatures which can heavily damage the compressors. The anti-surge control helps to maintain a stable operation which is only separated from the unstable operation through the surge line in the characteristic diagram of the compressor.

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