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Information for Suppliers

To strengthen the competitiveness of SPIE Erwin Peters in the domestic market selecting qualified suppliers is an important part of our strategy.

Our purchasing philosophy consists of the following principles:

We would like ...

... to enter a long-term working relationship with quality and service-oriented suppliers.

... that possible cost-reduction potentials are continuously and permanently exhausted.

... ask you to approach tasks creatively and in an innovative manner, to have a constructive dialog and therefore, we request honest communication, fairness, and dependability.

... that the ecological and social responsibility is taken seriously and that it will be obvious in practice.

In short: We would like to work successfully and in the long-term with the best suppliers!

Contact person

  • Claudia Schalt
    Commercial Director
    SPIE Erwin Peters GmbH

    Großmoorbogen 21
    21079  Hamburg

    Phone:+49 40-766006-0
    Fax:+49 40-773668