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SPIE Erwin Peters – Your partner in electrical system engineering.  

The history of SPIE Erwin Peters

In 1941, Erwin Peters, founder and the one who gave the company its name, established in Hamburg-Harburg the foundation for a business idea that should develop very successfully.

Originally established as repair shop for electrical equipment and installations, Erwin Peters GmbH decided to develop systematically in the fields of electrical engineering.

The company has grown into the role of partner in systems engineering and the automation technology — from planning to installation, from on-site commissioning and continuous maintenance, customer service, and other services. Since 2002, Erwin Peters GmbH supports the SPIE SAG Group with these services and since early 2006 it operates as SAG Erwin Peters GmbH and since 2017 as SPIE Erwin Peters. 

Today, we expand our portfolio continuously with innovative ideas and with them, we are facing the challenges of new markets such as the one for regenerative energies.